Pin Up Aviator tricks

Despite the fact that it is a relatively new casino game, there are several tips and betting strategies for playing Aviator that can help you win at the pinup online casino gaming.

Tips for winning the Aviator game at PinUp online casino

  • Practise with the Aviator Game Demo: When you play the demo version, you are not playing for real money; instead, you are just having fun.

This is an excellent way to get a feel for the Aviator casino games, which are based on a random number generator, and understand the gameplay.

  • Analyse the other players; since you can see how the other players in the same game as you are handling their gameplay. Observe how they play, learn from their strategies, and understand why they won or lost. 
  • Keep track of live aviator bets and data by filtering between all bets, your bets, and top bets.
  • Auto Cashout: When a certain multiplier or coefficient is reached, automatic cash out of your winnings is made available, so it is advisable to use the auto cash-out option.
  • The higher the plane flies, the bigger multiplier you get. 

Remember that any strategy for playing Aviator is just an idea. They don’t guarantee that you’ll win. After all, the outcome of aviator bets is completely unpredictable.